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Why AV Is The First Piece Of The Puzzle

The three main reasons why AV is the first piece of the puzzle when planning an event.

1. Site Inspections – Is the venue the right place?

Having the AV Sales representative visit the potential event venue is definitely an example of why AV is the first piece of the puzzle when beginning the planning stages for your event.

  • Restrictions: Room dimension’s vs. AV, loading dock policy, 24h room holds for AV set ups, obstructions, built in sound vs. ordered sound, if room lighting is easily adjustable, rigging in ceiling, union regulations, security etc.
  • Creativity: Each venue is unique, and each room, lobby or entrance has potential places and opportunities to add AV components to enhance the environment. . As AV professionals we can evaluate this to largely aid in make your event unique.

2. Maximize the AV Budget – Your Event is The Message

Your event is your message and the second reason why AV is the first piece of the puzzle with event planning. By partnering with our professional and reliable sales team at the initial planning stages of your event, Sound Plus can offer many extra options at a better cost due to advance notice.

In addition, any AV company has the opportunity to provide value added innovative AV solutions to ensure your event is not just an audiovisual success, but also an influential occasion. For Example: Décor, Lighting, Custom Stage Design, Social Media Integration, Audience Response Voting Technology to name a few.

3. Organize All Technical Details – AV Should Handle AV

Once the AV Company understands your vision and presenters needs, they should be able to provide you more than one quotation option in a short amount of time.

  • AV should handle all testing of media prior to the event.
  • AV should understand the event agenda in advance.
  • Execute the rehearsal & event with ease as a result.

Very Important Side Note: Having a content media specialist on your team is great, as they take care of many design & presentation flow details. However, at the end of the day the message is projecting on the AV Company’s screens. This is a crucial part of the third reason why it is particularly important to ensure AV is the first piece of the puzzle. To have all media sent to the AV Company for testing well in advance, regardless of the technical specialist working with you to create the content, this step ensures all presentations are ready and flawless for your event audience.

Please feel free to provide any event examples or feedback on: AV The First Piece Of The Puzzle

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