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The Complete AV Presenter Checklist

Send these comprehensive AV Presenter Checklist questions to your event presenters, and see how simplified this process can actually become.

Here are 6 main topics and corresponding fundamental questions to help you start the dialog with your event presenters and their AV needs.


  • Are you using Power Point or another program for your presentation?
  • If you are using another program which program is it?
  • What resolution is your presentation?
  • Will there be an issue with submitting your final presentation in advance with all revisions 1 month prior to the event?
  • If yes, please indicate why. (The AV Company will need to test and set up all presentations in advance)
  • Do you have any video content in your presentation?
  • If yes, please have the original video file embedded and as a separate file, and not link to YouTube or other online video streaming links. (Streaming can be an issue depending on the venue’s Wi-Fi)
  • Please be sure to always bring a back up copy of all presentations and their media to the event on a USB stick.


  • Are you bringing your own laptop for presenting?
  • If yes, is your laptop a Mac or PC?
  • If you are binging a Mac Laptop, do you have the Mac to VGA adaptor?
  • If not, what model of Mac Laptop will you bring to the event? (This is so the AV company will be sure to have the right adaptor ready)


  • Would you like a wireless remote to advance your slides?


  • Would you prefer to stand at the podium with microphone, or do you require a wireless microphone?
  • If you would like a wireless microphone, would you prefer a hand held or clip on lavaliere?


  • Will you need a flipchart or whiteboard?


  • Will you be in need of a presentation timer?

Remember it is important to set deadlines on receiving the answers to your AV Presenter Checklist. The more upfront you are about your policies and procedures the more successful this simplified process can be.

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